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A Guide to Buying a Healthy and Affordable Lunch

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Going Hardcore (Read: I’m a Little Nutty!)

Over the summer, my husband and I started a gluten- and dairy-free diet, in an attempt to become healthier. The experience has been difficult at times, but has definitely been an eye-opener. Continue reading


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Happy (Almost) Spring!

I begin this blog posting with an apology, as I have been a delinquent blogger to date this year; however, the promise of spring brings me renewed enthusiasm to get back to my healthy lunch blogging!

In January, I thought about whether I should take on a New Year’s resolution, but I had none this year. None that were food-related anyway. What I mean to say is, I have not changed my stance on what I will continue to blog about, nor have I changed my approach to healthy eating.

(See my initial blog posting Lunch Is Important to learn about my healthy eating values.)

I believe my renewed energy to eat healthy and post about my healthy lunch choices stems from my recent gluttony aboard the Norwegian Epic cruise ship. Oh was the food ever delicious – and so much of it! I took no pictures of food because none were worthy of this blog! 😉

I did only eat fries twice! Yes, I’m a hero! lol

But I’m back on the healthy eating track and looking forward to sharing my lunch experiences in 2013 with my friends and followers!

Here’s a completely unrelated photo to help remind us that spring is coming soon, and that summer is on its coattails!!!

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island, Bahamas


Tell Me Where To Go!

Yes, that’s right. I want you to tell me where to go!

No, not to a fiery chasm.

But to a restaurant!

Restaurant Patio

I’d love to go here…

I’m starting to exhaust my local options or perhaps I need to be alerted to some I haven’t explored, and I need your help!

Please, all you Facebook friends who are just clicking “Like” on my Facebook postings, take this a step further and comment on my blog.

Tell me where to go for lunch!

Then, I promise, I will blog about my experiences.

Now, if you decide send me around the world, I should hope you’ll cover my plane ticket! 😉

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Lessons Learned

My social media course is coming to a close but this blog is not!

Throughout my blogging experience over the last few months, I’ve learned a few lessons; some through practice like figuring out the software – which is always fun for me (sarcasm) – and also some tips from those who’ve been doing this for far longer than me.  

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Gotta Love the Christmas Lunches!

Our department Christmas lunch was held at the Casa Americo in Milton. (Yes, I’m back in Milton.) I always love staff Christmas lunches. Everyone is so relaxed and not worried about the business of the day.

Casa’s online menu doesn’t show their new items, one of which I ordered for lunch: the chicken sandwich with goat cheese and arugula. De-lish!

Chicken Sandwich with Goat Cheese and Arugula

Chicken Sandwich with Goat Cheese and Arugula

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Lunch by the Fireplace

A few Saturdays ago, I had the impulse to take a drive to the quaint community of St. Jacobs, Ontario. It’s about an hour’s drive from home, and well worth it. We always enjoy strolling through the market and the cute little town up the road.

Entrance to Benjamin's

Benjamin’s Restaurant and Inn

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